Lab Results

CBD is unregulated by the FDA therefore CBD companies have no regulations or guidelines to follow. Due to lack of regulations many CBD companies fall short in terms of potency and/or have harmful contaminants such as arsenic and lead. Furthermore some companies claim only 25% of the advertised CBD content on the label meaning you may purchase a product that claims a 1,000mg’s on the label but in reality there is only 250mg’s of CBD. Canna Greens CEO exposes this on his educational channel CBDtv. Medical dispensaries are governed and in some states and they allow a 15 percent variance on test results due to both company and laboratory mistakes. Therefore a 1,000mg product at a dispensary could actual have 850mg’s of CBD and still pass as a 1,000mg’s. At Canna Greens we hold ourselves to a 5 percent variance and in most cases give a little extra. In addition we test not only for potency but also heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins and microbials to assure the cleanest most potent product possible not only for you but for our pets, friends and family here at Canna Greens as well.

250mg Results

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